You can choose one or more items from each level to ensure that you get exactly those services you want and need. If you have any questions, contact us to discuss a complete customization of services for you.

Tax Filings and Financial Statements
Management Accounting & Planning
Business Development & Growth

Tax Filings and Financial Statements

tax02Professional assistance to help you run your business and comply with tax laws and banking requirements. Services include tax returns, financial statements and depreciation schedules.

  • Telephone or e-mail assistance to your current bookkeeper or financial officer maintaining your accounting system. Provide telephone or e-mail support on recording of unusual accounting transactions to help reduce year-end reconciliation of accounts. We may record or accumulate phone conference assistance.
  • Telephone or e-mail assistance with ad hoc financial management matters to the current owners.
  • Prepare compiled Notice To Reader (unaudited) financial statements. Notes to the financial statements will be omitted, and there will be no comparative numbers. Provide adjusted journal entries (AJEs) as may be required and/or instruct personnel on AJEs. List separately any specialized compilation reports that may be needed. List authorized recipients other than client officers.
  • Prepare Review Engagement (unaudited) financial statements with full notes to the financial statements, as may be required for bank loan covenants. A separate review agreement letter is required, as is a management representation letter.
  • Prepare annual corporation income tax returns for a limited company. Prepare reconciliation of accounts profit to taxable income. Please list entity names if there is more than one company:
  • Maintain fixed asset depreciation schedule, updating of client-provided additions and deletions.


Management Accounting & Planning

planning02Gain control and direction in your business and personal financial matters. We help you prepare budgets for profit planning purposes. We actively assist you in interpreting your periodic reports that monitor key performance indicators that apply to critical areas of your business. Working with you monthly on these, we complete a comprehensive review of your operating plan every quarter.

  • Prepare annual company budgets with breakeven levels and profit goals for desired owner salaries and return on investment. Compute periodic sales targets to achieve budgets.
  • Set up executive trends report and instruct company personnel on monthly updating. Identify and begin to track initial key performance indicators.
  • Conduct an annual strategic analysis session for key managers to set an action plan and goals for the coming year.
  • Pre-year-end tax planning review and forecast of tax balance. Strategy setting for reducing taxes.
  • Ongoing periodic analysis and interpretation of financial statements, with written or e-mail commentary for consideration and action. However, ALL final management decisions are yours alone.
  • Attendance in an advisory role at your periodic management meetings. However, ALL final management decisions are yours alone.
  • Annual business performance review using our specialized financial analysis software to analyze key financial ratios.
  • Business succession planning to prepare for inheritance and protect assets from tax liability.


Business Development & Growth

businessgrowth02Grow your business for financial independence and peace of mind. We perform a detailed personal financial analysis and planning consultation, and an activity-based costing and/or management assessment of your customer base and business processes. You will receive a complete analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your business. We guide you through a business development program designed to increase company profits and entity value, and build less reliance on the owner's daily input.

  • Perform activity-based costing and/or management assessment of customer base and routines. Set up detailed key performance indicators and financial/operational reporting routines for team members to prepare. Such items will be designed to monitor the key activities that lead to profitability and less reliance on owner daily input. Client to fax or e-mail to us for review and commentary.
  • Prepare a limited calculation of estimated business value, using comparable company sales and giving a general guideline of valuation.
  • Assist in obtaining an independent, third-party valuation report to document actual company value.
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